About Emirates

Emirates Airlines is the number one airlines in the Middle East and is Dubai’s national hauler. It is an Emirates Group venture. It manages 1990 weekly flights. From Dubai International Airport, hundreds of flights departure daily for several destinations spread over sixty countries across the world. This Airline is the only one in the world that covers the longest nonstop route between Dubai and Houston, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles with its commercial flights. This nationalized airlines endeavors to discover newer concourses to let the passengers sense the best experience of flying ever.


Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 with the help of a generous Royal Family living in Dubai.  Its operations commenced with flights travelling between Dubai and Karachi. Mumbai and Delhi became the next target destinations. Later on, a Boeing airplane was borrowed on lease by the Emirates Airlines from Pakistan International Airlines. After gaining success and recognition in two years, the aircraft was returned to Pakistan Airlines. Emirates Airline soon became an advantageous venture.


At present, Emirates is among the world’s best 10 airlines considering passenger kilometers and revenue.  It is the seventh largest, considering passengers and fourth largest when passenger kilometers are concerned. It has successfully created a brand in the world by providing finest facility and service. It has earned consistent profit even in hard times (during Gulf War and recession) Skytrax has voted Emirates Airlines the world’s fifth finest airline.


The services of the Emirates Airlines are grouped into three classes. These are Economy, Business and First classes. Emirates are the original Airlines that introduced personal entertainment within the flight which are of three types:



  1. Emirates Radio and TV

  2. Information-Communication-Entertainment (ICE)

  3. Ice Digital Widescreen


Skytrax has bestowed to the airlines the best Entertainment Award in-Flight. 70% of the Emirates Airlines flights provide ICE and Radio and TV for the short-carter routes.


21 lounges are on the offer in 18 cities for Business and First class passengers and also to the Skyward Gold and Silver Member (Skyward program was introduced by Emirates Fly). Emirates Airlines has catalyzed globalization by linking up the whole world together rather than connecting only the Middle East and United Arab Emirates. All the Emirates Airlines aircrafts carries the flag of United Arab Emirates on it.  It has one motto and that is to provide its passengers the best service and facilities so that their ecstasy is enhanced during the journey.

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